Zhou Fei

Zhou Fei


zhou fei

born in Hang Zhou, PR China, studied art in China and Germany, works in the field of video art, media installation and photography in China and Germany.







Winter Sleep interactive media installation 2005

In a long cold winter,  the feeling of loneliness while being closed to the civilization, transformed into a dream...

While the visitor approaches the “door” opens to a simple room dominated by a bed. Under observation of the visitor, bit by bit the outside world enters the room- ice and water, rain and snow, twigs and trees.. When the visitor moves, water drops down, or a bird will be scared up...

冬眠 互动媒体装置 2005

在一个漫长而寒冷的冬天里,从寂寞和被隔绝的生活里衍化而出的梦境,和真实的生活空间逐渐融合在一起, 进而占据了它的全部。