Zhou Fei

Zhou Fei


zhou fei

born in Hang Zhou, PR China, studied art in China and Germany, works in the field of video art, media installation and photography in China and Germany.







裂  互动媒体装置 2003


Split  interactive meida installation 2003

Viewers enter a dark space. They are embedded in the darkness. Slowly the soil under their feet is lit up from above. It seems to be a spotlight, viewers can partly discern the soil structure now. If they move in the space, the spotlight will follow them and they will discover more and more of the soil structure. Slowly the spotlight becomes stronger and larger, and the soil structure is getting clearer- it is a fixed, stony soil. Viewers walk on the lighted soil. Suddenly they notice that the soil they are standing on changes very slowly. It varies and bends. A tiny cranny appears under the viewers’ feet and at a hardly remarkable rate the soil splits...